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Digital Media:
Interactive CD-ROM

Interactive media is an ever-growing form of communication that can be tailored to reach an individual audience in a format that makes a lasting impression. The real strength of interactive CD-ROMs is their versatility, enabling the incorporation of all media formats into a single interface.

CD-ROMs allow you to combine your printed materials, promotional videos, web site and web links, PowerPoint presentations, custom interactive tours and games, searchable databases, Flash animation and product images all on one disk. These are all focused in one cohesive interface emphasizing your message and identity. That is the power of interactive CD-ROMs!

VCE Digital also produces custom designed disk labels, unique packaging and collateral materials to ensure that your interactive CD makes an impact.

CD-ROM Products:

  • Interactive Training CD
  • Interactive Portfolio
  • Digital Electronic Press Kits
  • Interactive Catalogs
  • Interactive Users Manuals
  • Audio and Video Distribution
  • Electronic Business Cards
  • Multimedia Presentations
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