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Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Automobile, straight trucks, tractor/trailer, bicycle, buses, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents
  • Inspection of scene and vehicles
  • Interviewing of witnesses and involved parties
  • Vehicle testing at the scene
  • Special testing as required
  • Time lapse/video testing
  • Skid testing with VC-2000
  • Sokia Total Station (Electronic Forensic Scene Mapping)
  • Computer Analysis – utilizing Rec-Tech, Expert Auto Stats, Vindecoder, Slam, Cars, BikePed, Auto Sketch software programs
  • Scale diagram preparation and written reports
  • Vehicle deficiencies
  • Headlight examinations, tire failures, seat belt examinations, sudden accelerations, cruise control, and brake failures
  • Nighttime and conspicuity testing
  • Accident Reconstruction Media Clips:
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