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Pre-Blast and Pre-Contruction Surveys

Our pre-blast and pre-construction surveys provide you with a complete and thorough description of structural and cosmetic defects present before work begins. These surveys are helpful for blasting operations, construction projects and many other applications. Even with today's busy society, we have a high success rate of completing the inspections. We accomplish this by making several attempts to complete the inspections and providing each homeowner with a copy of our attached construction safety tips flyer and making several trips at different times of the day to the project in order to catch people when they are home.

The public relations support provided with pre-blast and pre-construction surveys is very helpful in reducing the number of claims.

Pre-blast and pre-construction surveys provide protection for many types of projects. The following are just a few:

  • Quarry Operations
  • Excavation for Road Projects
  • Sewer/Water Line Excavation
  • Pile Driving Operations
  • Site Preparation Excavation
  • Vibratory Roller Compaction
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